The 12,000 – 05 November

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19 Regiment Royal Artillery

We are raising money through 2022 – 2023 for our Regiment’s chosen charity, the Royal British Legion. The RBL raise funds all year round and are available 365 days a year to support veterans and serving service personnel.
Our aim is to raise over £12,000 throughout this year and next and we begin our campaign with a physical challenge to commemorate the soldiers, from Wiltshire, who gave their life in WW1. 
Over twelve thousand men from Wiltshire were killed between 1914 and 1918 and our goal is to cover 12,000km, one kilometre for every soul, who did not come home, by running, skiing, swimming, biking, walking and rowing between 29th Oct – 5th November. Our campaign launched in Salisbury’s Guild Hall Square on the 29th Oct.
Additionally, 127 Battery deployed in Estonia, on the NATO Operation CABRIT, will cover the same distance, representative of those who did come home, but whose lives were never the same. 
Thank you for reading our story, if you can help by donating that would be amazing, if you can share on your social networks, that would help increase the awareness of our campaign. If you’re in Salisbury on the 5th November, please stop by and give us some encouragement, the Salisbury Veterans will be running a field kitchen along side us to keep us all full of energy.