Deferred Pensions

Are you a veteran who served in the British military between 1975-2005, has turned 60 and isn’t receiving a pension?  You may be entitled to a preserved pension.  These pensions are not  paid automatically and you need to submit a claim for your unclaimed pension.  Click here

Royal British Legion Crisis Grants

If you are part of the Armed Forces community and need help to meet unexpected expenses, The RBL may be able to help you.  Each year they help thousands of people through emergencies by providing individual crisis grants.  Click here for more information

£2,400 to help pay your bills

The Royal British Legion have launched the Cost of Living Grants Programme. This programme is designed to assist people who need help in a quick and easy way with everyday essentials such as kitchen appliances, clothes, and energy costs.

This programme is open to anyone who is eligible for our support struggling to pay for items and services they need. You can apply online by following this link.  They aim to assess your application within 5 days of submission.


Perceptions of Ex-Service personnel 

Ever wondered how civvies perceive ex-service personnel? The office of Veterans affairs commissioned a YouGov survey, to find out more click here

Cost of living support

Find out what support is available to help with the cost of living. This includes income and disability benefits, bills and allowances, childcare, housing and travel.  For more information click here