Our allotment is part of the Salisbury City Council Fisherton Farm complex (Area C plot 38) .  The aim is for all members of our club to be able to be involved in activities associated with this facility if they wish, from cultivating an area of their choice to joining in with BBQs in the UKs balmy summers; our soon to be delivered new shed is coming with an overhang if shade is required.  

The new shed is being delivered on the 2nd April and is being provided by the Salisbury Shed Co who have kindly agreed to put it up for us at no cost.

The Shed


Phase one of the Allotment renovation was the dismantling of the old shed, which given the state of it should have simply pushed over.  However, it took some persuasion with a lump hammer to finally give way.

Wood pile

How a tiny shed could create so much waste is beyond belief.  Unfortunately none of it was recyclable

John level

Once the area had been cleared of vegetation, blocks were laid and levelled to support the shed base

SS Van

The Shed Shop, owned by fellow veteran Jim Cameron, gave us a fantastic deal by building a bespoke shed in his workshop and delivering it to the allotment.

John and john rear panel

John Bradford (ALLOTO) and John Smith-Enitcott provided some much needed labour for the Shed Shop

SS rear panel

The professionals took over and made it look so easy!

SS Door

Father and son team made social distancing easy and progress was swift.

SS door pose

Finishing touches to the four walls

SS roof2

Solid as a rock and the mobile phone signal has been much improved

SS complete3

Job done and very many thanks to the Shed Shop for supporting us

Shed front angle
Shed side

The finished product complete with a substantial beer umbrella, for those odd rainy days!


None of this would have been possible without the hard work of John and John, the twins.  (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito). 


I did the classic Staff Clerk on exercise thing of not getting dirty and taking photos!