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Parish Notices

Wednesday 22nd June

7.30pm (arrive from 7pm) – ‘The Changing of the Guard: The British Army since 9/11’ with Simon Akam

Simon Akam will discuss his work on the evolution of the British Army since 9/11, whether the military will learn from its experiences over the past twenty years, the impact of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the process of researching and writing the book and the reaction it has received on publication. Read more

Article: “Salisbury Military History Society hosts author of controversial book” (Salisbury Journal)


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Upcoming talks

Wed 27th July – ‘Victory in Burma’ with Lt. Col. Mike Tickner

Wed 24th Aug – ‘Old Wardour Castle & Salisbury during the English Civil War’ with Julian Humphrys

Wed 28th Sept – ‘Dünkirchen 1940: The German View of Dunkirk’ with Col. Robert Kershaw

Wed 26th Oct – ‘Counter-Insurgency in Malaya: An Imperial Success Story’ with Dr. Robert Lyman

Wed 23rd Nov – ‘The Soldier’s Soldier: A Leadership Life – Erwin Rommel’ with Prof. Lloyd Clark

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Review: ‘Zulu Rising: The epic story of the battle of Isandlwana’ with Ian Knight (Wednesday 25th May)

The origins of the Anglo-Zulu War were rooted in the Napoleonic Wars. Southern Africa was a way point en route from Europe to India and the Far East so when Napoleon took the Netherlands, the British seized Cape Town from the Boers and established the Cape Colony. However, southern Africa was a complex backwater in which the British Government had no inclination of becoming embroiled. The discovery of diamonds at Kimberley was certainly enticing though and Sir Henry Bartle Frere, High Commissioner of Southern Africa, proposed a confederacy with the Boers and Zulus based on the Canadian model. Bartle Frere knew that subjugating the Zulus would cause all other tribes to cede to the British so he provoked them by making an impossible ultimatum to spark war. But Bartle Frere underestimated the Zulus both diplomatically and militarily and so began a six-month war not sanctioned by his political masters, but ultimately committed to so as to bring about a successful conclusion. 


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The Society is led by an enthusiastic Committee that books speakers, hosts talks, organises events and fulfils administrative requirements. Most of your current Committee has served for almost three years and so we’re always keen to invite new postholders to join us in order to encourage fresh ideas. Andy will be stepping down as Secretary once a successor has been appointed, so please do reply to this email or speak to any Committee member at the next meeting if you’re interested in this position or any others.

Military History News

The Longest Siege in Military History

When it comes to sieges, we often think of Stalingrad, Leningrad or Malta, but nine sieges in history lasted more than 10 years and the longest – of Cueta on the north African coast – stretched for 33 years. Read more


Sweden: a history of neutrality ends after 200 years

During the Napoleonic Wars, Sweden suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of Russia and so began two centuries of distancing itself from European alliances and conflicts. Now, it’s that same foe that has caused a change in that stance as Sweden applies for membership of NATO. Read more


Harp and Crown

To mark the centenary of the disbandment of British Army units that traditionally recruited in southern Ireland, a new special display at the National Army Museum explores the history of Irish regiments and their soldiers. Read more


Other articles

The 5 most demoralizing tactics used in recent military history

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80 years of a momentous battle fought by an Indian Brigade

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Why The U.S. Navy’s Battleships Will Never Sail Again

What Really Is Trooping the Colour? History, Significance and Traditions

Local Events, Online Talks and Podcasts

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While online talks continue, we’ll include them in our eNewsletters. Click on the links below for the next (and future) webinars from a range of organisations. Some of these talks may charge a small fee to join.

Lockdown Lectures (Army Flying Museum & The Rifles [Berkshire & Wiltshire] Museum)
Next talk: ‘“Dad’s War” with Chris Tarrant’ (Wednesday 15th June)

Institution of Royal Engineers
Next talk: ‘Falklands 40th Commemoration – Op Corporate 40: “Sappers in the Falklands 1982 – The roles of the Corps in the Falklands campaign and its aftermath”’ (Wednesday 15th June)

Western Front Association
Next talk: ‘The foreign fields that are forever England – the CWGC around the world’ (Monday 20th June)

The Battlefields Trust
Next talk: ‘Yorkist Foreign Policy: The 100 Years War Extended’ (Wednesday 27th June)

British Modern Military History Society
Next talk: ‘The Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939-40′ (Tuesday 5th July)

The Manchester Military History Society
Next talk: ‘Normandy 1944’ (Tuesday 12th July)

Old Front Line
A weekly World War One podcast featuring 30-45min episodes.

Pete and Gary’s Military History: Peter Hart and Gary Bain
For more than 40 years historian Peter Hart has interviewed thousands of veterans about their experience of war.

New Books Network
A series of interviews with authors of military history books.

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