September 2021


DWP have increased the number of Armed Forces Champions they have. The news article here explains more: Click Here


Following a recent request over the McCloud Report and when that would be filtering through to those of with pension that are affected.  The following link is from the Armed Forces Pension Society (AFPS).  Is shows the top ten request they get over pensions, No2 is to do with the McCloud Report.  Click Here

AFPS also offer medical insurance to its members, it is quite reasonable and you can get it if you were medically discharged without much hassle.  If want more details of XPAX scroll down to the bottom of this page:  Click Here

Veteran Suicides

It was announced last week that all veteran suicide figures would now be recorded. Although this is a sad requirement it is good news that is finally being recorded.  A few years ago a lady called Jo Jukes managed to get coroners to report veteran suicidesfollowing the sad death of her husband.  This is now one step further. The story is here: Click Here

The number of veterans and serving troops who have taken their own lives, as recorded has been unofficially recorded as:

·         2018 – 87

·         2019 – 76

·         2020 – 88

·         2021 (up to September 20) – 59


The figures are quite sobering, but there are a few initiatives running that are starting to come to the fore as a result of Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund grants.  They ran a programme inviting charities and organisations to bid for funds that aim to reduce suicide risks within vulnerable veterans in a co-ordinated and targeted way called One Too Many.  Grants totalling over a £2M were won in March this year.  The list of winners is here: Click Here


There are some great initiates on here and also at the Samaritans Veterans App and Project Nova.  But do keep an eye out for other AFCT funding initiatives coming online. However, please remember its not weak to say you are having an issue, we can all engage in peer support – especially if one of us is struggling, but knowing there are other veterans you can reach out to can really help.

NHS Armed Forces Brief

Attached is the latest Armed Forces Brief.  Details are in there about COVID vaccines and boosters,  Veterans’ mental health services to receive £2.7 million boost, Research study about LBGT+ veterans mental health and wellbeing and the latest articles on Op Courage.  Also attached is the latest Op Courage quote card that you could email around use on social media or simply print off to help advert the Veterans Mental Health service.

James Bond – Now a real RN Officer

It’s hard to get your head around, but James Bond is actually a fictional character and not a living advert for joining the Intelligence Corps. However the actor that plays Bond, is now in the Royal Navy for real, with the honorary rank of Commander:  Click Here

What great move by the Royal Navy, there is talk that the RAF are looking to pick up Tom Cruise when the much awaited Top Gun 2 comes out in November (fake news alert).  I wonder who the Army would pick?   In addition to Jools Holland being the Honorary Colonel of 101 EOD Regt…Click Here


Armistice Day

Armistice day this years falls on a working day, Thursday. Get it into your workplace calendars, you may want to do something at work to mark the day, in these hybrid working times it may be a good opportunity for you to get together with your colleagues to pay your respects collectively.  If you are thinking of getting a Wreath here is a link that may be useful: Click Here

Regimental Hawaiian Shirt?

Christmas is on the horizon and you may be wondering what truly awful present to get some of veteran friends. This firm makes Regimental Hawaiian Shirts, they have quite a view cap badges catered for including the Royal Regiment of Scotland, the Royal Artillery and the Parachute Regiment.  They also have a RN, RAF and RM section…. Click Here

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