Councils up and down the country have to look at ways of saving money. So they will cut or reduce events that they feel are not well supported. If you feel that Armed Forces Day is something you would like to continue, then please use the link below to id and email your rep. to assist you there is a suggested format below to copy and past. This is time sensitive as there is a budget meeting soon.
Dear [Councillor Name]
I have heard on the grapevine that some councils are considering reducing their commitment to future Armed Forces Days. As an Armed Forces Veteran residing in your ward, I want to politely ask for your support to ensure this doesn’t happen in Salisbury. I have just seen in the Salisbury Journal about how well this years Poppy Appeal was supported, which just shows how close the people of Salisbury feel to their Armed Forces in difficult financial times.
Given our close proximity to one of the largest military garrisons and the large Veteran community in the Salisbury area, it would seem really important that a close relationship is maintained. Otherwise it will be back to the old ‘them and us’ existence of the past.
Armed Forces Day is a national occasion for the public to show their support for the Armed Forces, for all the outstanding work they do for our nation. Our support for them and their families is vital if they are not to feel ignored by the very country they serve.
I urge you to press the City Council to ensure that the Armed Forces Day is given the importance it deserves. I’m sure that with appropriate planning and organisation between the Council, the Military and the myriad of Veteran organisations in the local area, a fantastic event could be delivered.
Please give Armed Forces Day your full support.